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VMware Workstation Download

VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation 14.0

VMware Workstation-VMware is software for virtual machines. Its function is to run many operating systems in one hardware and to run applications intended for other operating systems. Another function is to study an operating system both during the learning process or when developing the operating system.

The term Virtual Machine (VM) itself was introduced by IBM when it launched its main operating system in the 1965s. Introduced for S / 370 and S / 390 systems and is called the VM / ESA operating system. So that often creates confusion between product naming or mechanism naming. Many people say, even though it has a virtual machine mechanism but if it is not from the IBM system, it is not called a Virtual Machine. In this explanation, it is concluded that the term virtual machine is a type of mechanism for virtualizing a machine on another machine. So it's not the type of product from one vendor with the name Virtual Machine.

VMWare allows multiple operating systems to run on a single PC machine simultaneously. This can be done without repartitioning and rebooting. In the virtual machine provided the operating system will be provided as desired. In this way the user can boot an operating system (such as Linux) as the host operating system (host operating system) and then run other operating systems such as MS Windows. The operating system that is run on the home operating system is known as the guest operating system.

There are 3 types of VMware Namely:

  1. VMware Workstation is software for virtual machines that are compatible with Intel x86 computers. This software allows users to create one or more virtual machines and run them simultaneously. Each virtual machine can run its own guest operating system such as Linux, Windows, BSD, and others. But this software cannot run virtual machines made by other VMware products.
  2. VMware Server actually has the same working system as VMware Workstation. But compared to VMware Workstation, VMware Server has the advantage of being able to run virtual machines made by other VMWare products. VMware Server can also run virtual machines made by Microsoft Virtual PC.
  3. VMware Player is the software used to run virtual machines made by other VMware products. But this software cannot create its own virtual machine. However VMware does not support Fire Wire, nor does it provide support like USB 2.0 devices but VMware makes USB 2.0 devices on the host operating system detected on guest operating systems as USB 1.1 devices. VMware actually only provides 3D hardware acceleration because it is experimental.

Pros and Cons of VMware:

Why use VMware?
  • One good reason to use VMware is when you are required to use it. For example, I am a lecturer on network connections and security using various operating systems, which requires me to use a laptop with various operating systems.
  • VMware will create a virtual machine that you can configure depending on your needs and not depend on the hardware that is on your computer. For example, it by default creates a file of 4 GB in the hard disk to emulate the drive on the virtual machine. By virtual machines, this file looks like a SCSI drive, which in fact is just a file on the IDE drive. Also by default, it uses an IDE CD drive like ... an IDE CD drive. Although you can tell the virtual machine to use it as a SCSI drive, or create an ISO CD-ROM image as a drive with a CD in it (for example for installation). You can use hardware that you don't actually have, such as tape drives.
  • You can also have multiple virtual machines running at one time, and create a local network on your computer with a variety of different operating systems. It's good to try a new operating system without repartitioning (deleting it can be done with just one click); see how the new operating system is integrated with your existing network; show people how many operating systems are interconnected and integrated with a projector.

Why not use VMware?

  • Speed. However, we divide a CPU into two or more operating systems. Although this problem is not serious if we run ordinary programs on only one system at a time. Good thing on an SMP system to run VMware by using one CPU for each virtual machine ... although it is not possible to do so without redesigning the entire operating system host kernel.
  • Speed, once again. You need a lot of RAM to run it at the usual speed. Try to use at least 128 MByte per operating system, or be prepared for intensive swapping. This might be a problem on the laptop (remember that the hard drive on the laptop is not made for intensive use). Try not to use the system swap of the virtual machine.
  • Speed, for the third time. All peripherals (drives, network cards) are shared for each virtual machine. For example, on a computer that has two virtual machines running and with lots of luck,each system gets a fair share (one third - remember the host system!) Of bandwidth. The end result can be very lower, especially depending on the design and efficiency of the operating system host.
VMware Workstation Download:

VMware Workstation 14.0
Free Download

Basically VMware is not an emulator, because it does not emulate the CPU and hardware in a virtual machine, but only allows other operating systems to run in parallel with the operating system that is already running. Each virtual machine can have its own IP address (if the machine is on a network), and users can think of it as a separate machine. The virtual machine has access to the network through a VMware proprietary bridging protocol but only if your network card has been enabled by the host system. It can use a static IP address or get a dynamic address from a DHCP Server on your network. You can then connect it to a server that runs on the virtual machine from the virtual machine itself, from another computer on your network, or even from the host computer via an external network address on the virtual machine. Note that VMware provides the host and virtual machine addresses in the and subnet works for the bridging protocol so you cannot use it for your connection.

The end result of all this has been found about VMware as an interesting concept because with its many shortcomings, it can be useful in a development environment, for programming or for system administration.

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